Repair & Rebuild

Repair & Rebuild: Family owned and operated to bring you the best service.  

We stay in business because we care enough to give our clients the best results possible.  We can't afford for you to look elsewhere for you repair needs so we want to give the care and attention each job needs to complete with accuracy and expediency.

We specialize in repair and rebuild of heavy duty machines mainly used for production and formation of steel products.  We have over 20 years experience and have worked on a variety of machines.  We are a full service repair, rebuild shop.  We do in-house and on-site repairs depending on the job.  

We have an honest and fair approach to all our customers. We want to save you time and money by repairing quickly and efficiently.  We take pride in each service job performed.  We give you outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.  Our expertise and knowledge gets the job done quickly and effectively.

Bridgeports & Mills

We offer a full service on mills, bridgeports.  We offer full service on mills such as belt replacement, rebuilding the head, scraping (partial and full). We do all sorts of bridgeports, CNC add on's , etc.

Grinder & Drills

We do all shapes and sizes, perform tasks such as spindle rebuilding, table rebuilding, etc.

Spindles & Shears

Our speciality is spindle rebuilding. We rebuild a variety of spindles including ultra high speed needles.  Also we offer full service on any shears including blade rotation and replacement.  We adjust the shear blades depending on your specific needs.

Hydraulic Clutches & Presses

Hydraulic are not a problem.  We can repair all the hydaulics or rebuild if necessary.  We service a wide variety of presses.  We have performed in-depth tasks on presses, such as replacing brake/clutches, rebuilding counter balance (s), replacing bushings in the rod(s), refurbishing gibs.  


We have replaced chucks, gears, scraped the saddles and beds, clutch adjustments and replacements.



We're an optimized solution that transforms your broken problems into a great experience.

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