Why choose us?

Simply the best Machine Repair service company out there. Here are the few reasons why Bill's Machine is the best.


Why Bill's Machine Service

Family owned and operated

Normally you have inflated costs and overages with large companies.  We can offer you quality care and service at an affordable cost.  We don't have high 3rd party rates to pay so we don't have to inflate our costs to cover any middle man.  You get the service directly from us and directly interact with the same person the entire repair.


Operated for over 30 years

We know our products.  In this business, seeing a new machine is a daily affair.  But when you have been in business for as long as we have, you have as much training as  you need to handle any new situation.  We have repaired numerous machines with 100% money back guarantee.  There is no need to look any where else with that kind of promise!



We're an optimized solution that transforms your broken problems into a great experience.

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