Normally you have less chance to impress a person the second time.  That's why we put such time and dedication to each and everytime we do any service.  We want you to be impressed with our customer satisfaction, our quality of repairs, and our personal and friendly touch.


Let’s say the part you need isn't being manufactured any longer.  Do  you need to order a new machine?  Not at all.  We can actually fabricate the part you need in our shop.  We can custom create any part that may no longer be available on older machines.


CNC Router machines, precision maching, CAD retrofitting.  We service all CNC problems with turrets, rails, tailstocks, controls, spindles, tool arms, carousels and anything else needed.

Power and Hand Sraping

We can smooth out those old table to .0002 accuaracy.  Our tools and tables are calibrated on a regular basis to always offer the best every time.



We're an optimized solution that transforms your broken problems into a great experience.

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