Industrial Machine repair

Quick & Reliable Service. We repair old and new machines. Give us a call to see how we can help your machines get back into production.

"Very happy, tech was knowledgeable & professional and definitely will continue to use them."
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Service Provided

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Care such as oil change, filter replacement, check machine functionality, level/squareness to ensure machine is operating within parameters.


Scraping in ways, gibs and/or table to get everything back matched, parallel and level.

Shear Install & Rotation

Install or Rotation in just a day. We adjust the gap, back gauge and gibs so everything is ready for production.

Spindle Repair

We service different types of spindles and accessories. We rebuild spindles and return them to factory tolerance or OEM specs.

Machine Set-Up

Setting up new machine, precision leveling, creating mounting and lags. Hook up of all wiring and electrical, and installing all guarding to leave you ready to start working.

Automation & CNC

Need a new program do that repetitive process on your machine. We have certified technicians that can help with those programming devices and can you set up to run smarter.

Recent Projects

Automation & CNC

Omera Press Unit

Job Details: Issues with Press. Not running properly. Old wiring and programming. Inspected for system

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Automation & CNC

Pine Bender

Job Details: Client called with issues with machine. Not running properly. Retrofitted sysetm with new

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