Bill's Machine Service

Industrial Machine Repair

Industrial repair

general repair service


Tracking down the problem to your machine's unresponsiveness

Rebuild & Repair

Repairing machine to factory standard


Backup, install your systems and help troubleshoot your alarm codes


Troubleshooting CNC controls and parameters on machine

Electrical supports

Checking voltage to machine or changing out relays and

Motor Repair

Ensuring motor has right voltage and outputting correctly

Scale installs

Install DRO system and set-up

Ball screws

Ball screw repair and installation

Check out machines we Service


Including Bridgeports, milling centers, boring, knee, bed and vertical.


Mechanical, hydraulic, brake, punch, injection (heat), drill.


Vertical, Turret, bench, CNC engine.


Surface, OD & ID, Blanchard style, Turret, cylindrical, centerless, jig.


Vertical, horizontal, bandsaw

Many others

Iron workers, shears, drills, ovens, benders, gearhobbs.

Service Insurance

We provide mechanical repair on a wide variety of machines.  We have expertise in many areas to provide you the best repair or aid you in a new solution.  We repair and rebuild your machine to its original operating condition. We understand your machines operate your business so its our business to get them running quickly and efficiently so you can continue to focus on your business. 

Our Expert technicians are will restore the condition of your machine to it’s original operating condition. We understand that your machine is an important aspect of your everyday operations. This pushes us to work in a timely manner to repair or rebuild your machine.

Service Capabilities

Specializing in machine tool services as well as custom machine services.  

  • Tool Rebuild, Remanufacture & Repair
  • On-site Machine Repair, Field Service
  • Custom Retrofits (CNC, automations)
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Machine Inspections/Evaluations
  • Shear Rotations & Installation
  • Spindle Repair & Rebuild
  • Ball screw inspection & diagnostics
  • Machine Way Repair, Way Liner Replacement
  • Scraping Way Surfaces
  • DRO and Linear Scale Installation
  • Lubrication System Installation
  • Hydraulic System Repairs/Replacement
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Coolant system Repairs
  • Machine Set-up & installation

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