Bill's Machine Service

Industrial Machine Repair

Machine Installation

& Leveling machines

Machine Set-Up

Our team is confident that we will bring the machine tool back into functional order. We will begin with finalizing the machine’s position and securely tying it into the foundation before proceeding with reassembly. 

Our focused approach includes thorough cleaning and any necessary repairs, alongside reloading or restoring programming and leveling and re-aligning 

We don’t stop there, as a final step we conduct a test run of the machine tool to ensure that it performs at an optimal level. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can have complete confidence that your machine tool will be installed safely in its new location, and most importantly, will be production-ready.

With you every step of your move



We'll plan, inspect and coordinate for a safe machine move. We'll make sure the new location is ready including foundation, anchor points, electrical needs, and clearance for safe positioning.



We disassemble, label, and stabilize the machine for transportation. Cleaning can be done during disassembly.


Assembly & Leveling

Our team will return the machine to working order by securing it to the foundation, reassembling, cleaning, repairing, leveling, aligning, and testing it.


How is our Service

We work with a 3rd party rigging company and to get your machine moved and set-up to its final location.

No, we don’t set up electrical. We do ensure the machine has right power voltage and phase coming into machine. 

Yes, we come in and set up and install the machine once is in the building.  We move it to its final location, anchor and ensure it is running