Scheduled and Planned Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance is the normal maintaining of the wear and tear of your machine. Just as your car gets oil changes, is what Preventative maintenance is to your machines. Preventative Care on machines to do normal maintenance such as oil change, filter replacement, check overall machine functionality, all applicable areas are level and within operating parameters.

All machines require some upkeep, so they don’t cause a major outage. Our goal is to catch and repair machine problems before their components fail.
We offer PM Program scheduling to suit your needs: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual PM Programs. We also offer preventative maintenance for the initial startup of machines. If these schedules are adhered to appropriately, your machines will continue to operate properly.

We give you a detailed report of the inspection results. Any problems that are found will be presented and you can decide to complete the recommendations.

Get our trained technicians involved with choosing the best PM Program schedule that works for your facility and machines.
Depending on the number of machines and type of machine it is depends what is maintained. But here is a basic list of components we check over.

  • Complete inspection of machine

  • Change hydraulic fluid

  • Change hydraulic filters

  • Inspect gear boxes

  • Change gearbox oil

  • Fill lube oils

  • Inspect electrical and connections in cabinet

  • Check voltage and Amps

  • Inspect lines and fittings

  • Verify oiler/lube pump operation

  • Check limit switches/safety locks

  • Check machine level

  • Measure backlash

  • Check and tighten loose bolts/fasteners

  • Clean motor housing/fan guards

  • Inspect hoses and cable

  • Safety inspections

  • Overall alignment inspection

  • Lubrication of all areas

And any accessories such as conveyors, Pressure settings, motor/pump, drive and variable belts, bearings, cabling, pump and gear oil. Change All filters, etc.

We verify a multitude of areas and finalize our inspection with a follow up report to you notifying you of all that was completed and any potential risks to your machine and or replacements needed. Then you can set the schedule and timing as to when to make the necessary repairs found on your machine. We can even give you upgrade options or help you find replacement machines when they are ready to retire.
Benefits of planned service are many because you can choose when to make upgrades and repairs to your machine rather than it choosing. Other benefits include: To increase functional and reliability of production facilities.

  • To maximize the useful life of the Machine.

  • To maximize production capacity from the given equipment.

  • To minimize the total production cost.

  • To minimize the frequency of interruption in production by reducing breakdowns.

  • To enhance the safety of the manpower.

Preventative maintenance gives you the ability to fix any unforeseen problems BEFORE the occurrence of a failure of the order to protect them and to prevent or eliminate any degradation in their operating conditions.

Many types of failure can occur. Any type of mechanical failures such as worm out bushings. Bearings are worn out and don’t move like they used to. Fatigue of machine parts. Creep of materials under high pressure or temperatures. Excessive forced vibrations or misalignments, etc. Thermal failures such as overheating or lack of lubrications. Coiling feature failures or electrical insulation is inadequate. Or a chemical failure of fluids leaking for protective lines failing or worn out.

Regular maintenance can help by reconditioning and replacing the lubricating oil. Repairing and replacing worn out parts and tools etc., Checking all the electrical connections of the system. Checking the control system. Checking the performance of each parts. All of this together keeps your machine up and running.

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