We have a professional team with driven standards and creative solutions for all your needs. From Bridgeports to new CNC machines, we have been repairing machines for many years. We find those parts necessary for your rebuild or repair or fabricate them. We have a professional team with driven standards and creative solutions for all your needs. We work on all Bridgeports, Mills, VLC machining centers, CNC manual and automated machines, OD & ID grinders, Lathes, Sharp products, we are a re-seller of Sharp parts,  DoAll products, including saws & mills,  Iron workers, Kitamuras, Okamoto machines, heat treat ovens, temperature controls, Hydraulics, oil changes, filters, lube, ways, Scale systems, Allen Bradley parts. We change out or sharpen shear blades.  We are re-sellers of Famco shears. We are skilled in replacing scales, including glass scales, from Newall, Fagor, Mitutoyo, and Acu-Rite. We are a one-stop shop that does it all.

Our Repairs come with

  • Insured & Experienced technicians

  • Full on-site repairs

  • In-House Repairs (with Pick-Up & Delivery)

  • Emergency or Off hours service available

  • PM’s come with a Detailed Service Report

Hydraulic Repair

Our hydraulic repair knowledge includes clutches, cylinder repair, check pistons, ensure pumps are running at the right levels, verify tanks are holding capacity, the right PSI, check the flow of the entire system, valves, and solenoids. We check the oil, do annual oil changes, change filters. Make sure the pump and motor are running smoothly. We verify the entire system is running at the correct output and within parameters to work efficiently with no leaks or damage.

Electrical Repair

Electrical issues can be the main cause for problems with the machine to blown fuses, to the machine not running or having certain features not operating due to connections not wired correctly. We troubleshoot and repair a variety of electrical issues including the connections in cabinet, all Cables, Shielding. We check the axis and the front control Panel, the Battery Voltage/NC and APC, Incoming power voltage. Making sure the legs are equal, transformer taps set to incoming volts, insulation resistance – motors/cables, relays, coils, transformers, power supplies, and fuse boxes.

Spindle Rebuilding

We service different types of spindles and accessories. We check vibration, spindle and bearing repair, check the balance and make sure all components and electronics are working properly. Check for abnormal Noise, the RPM, Drive belts. We rebuild spindles and return them to factory tolerance or OEM specs. We use quality bearings and Kluber lubrication.

CNC & Programming

Programming in Allen Bradley or the like can be challenging, but we have a certified technician that can help with those electronic programming devices. We can also create CNC (repair/adjust) automation for those manual machines that need some updating. We hard wire with the latest technology and can simplify the job of your operator and saving time always saves money.

Preventative Maintenance

Plant maintenance is an important function of any factory. It helps in maintaining and increasing the operational efficiency of plant facilities. Maintenance is the procedure of finding the faults in any equipment and or machine and also removal of fault. Machine may be fixed for the breakdown or after the breakdown. Using a preventative method can help keep everyone in your plant safe and running smoothly.


Depending on the material being scraped, we can have it precision ground. Then we use the sound hand scraping method to obtain the final specification set by the manufacturer. We use a variety of tools to get the surface exact in its precision. Measurement tools are used to make sure we have achieved the exact height needed and that it is in perfect alignment.


Retrofits are a part of any growing company. We have trained technicians in Centroid, PLC, CNC and others to aid the process of your machinery. We come in and listen to the needs of what your desired end result. Then our technicians can add in the right controls to automate the process. We also offer retrofit kits to improve the machinery you currently have instead of buying a whole new machine.


In machine repairs, older machines and where the manufacturer for the machine is no longer in business can make it difficult to find parts that are needed to make needed repairs. When removing the old piece, we can take it back to our shop and create a new piece that is needed so that you can get your machine back to near perfect condition without having to spend the extra cost in purchasing new equipment.


Every machine needs to be in perfect alignment to be running smoothly. Any machine out of alignment is dangerous to run and especially to its operator. With Precision tools, you can test the alignment of each part to make sure all areas are in alignment with each other. For example, Bedways need be scraped and paralleled to the Saddle. The saddle needs to be scraped and paralleled. The table needs to be scraped and paralleled to Spindle. The table needs to matched and paralleled Saddle. GIBs need to be scraped and paralleled. Sometimes Turcite or Rulan needs to be added to make sure all areas are in perfect alignment. If anything is out of place, then the machine may still run, but it is not running efficiently and can damage itself further and others.

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